Exterior Changes/DRC Committee

PBCA Exterior Alteration Information

Below you will find the instructions and application for any exterior change or improvement.

Please submit your application to the PBCA office via email [email protected], fax 727-528-0385 or hand deliver to the office at 4691 Laurel Oak Lane NE, St. Pete. FL. 33703.

The Design Review Committee (DRC) is comprised of one member from each of the eleven neighborhoods.  Even though each member comes from an individual neighborhood, each member represents the community as a whole.  The Community Association Board of Directors is charged with appointing and affirming members of the DRC at each annual meeting.  Each member serves for one year and may be re-appointed for subsequent terms.

The DRC is charged with reviewing all plans for exterior improvement or development within Placido Bayou.  The DRC may approve those plans or they may ask for additional information.

When a meeting of the DRC is required it will be posted on the bulletin board outside the office; meetings are open to the membership of Placido Bayou.

 DRC Instructions and Application (1)
 DRC Guidelines August 2023 (1)
 Pre-Approved Paint Colors