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Pinellas County Watershed Management: Water Quality

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Pinellas County waters are experiencing a decline in water quality due to excess nitrogen and phosphorous. This prompts concerns about our marine life, our lakes and beaches, and our economy. Pinellas County is committed to addressing water quality issues on every front from Tampa Bay to our own back yards. Local governments spend millions of dollars each year to remove nitrogen from water bodies through various stormwater treatment methods. Fertilizer and grass clippings are sources of nutrients that can be controlled with your help!


In January 2010 the Pinellas County Commission approved an ordinance regulating landscape practices and the sale and use of fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorus.

Fertilizer Ordinance - Summary of Fertilizer Ordinance 


Fertilizer is less of a problem when it’s used properly. If we use too much fertilizer or apply it at the wrong time it can easily leach into the groundwater, wash into storm drains, and flow into bays or streams. Just like in our gardens, fertilizer in bays and streams makes plants grow. In water bodies, too much nitrogen or phosphorous can cause harmful algae blooms that lower oxygen levels, turn the water a green or rust color, and lead to fish kills.

Residents' Stormwater Regulations Links:

A Guide for Homeowners- Preventing Urban Runoff Pollution 

Calculate Your Fertilizer Use

Resident Do-It-Yourselfers

Guide to Fertilizer Ordinance Brochure  En español 

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods - Fertilize Properly 

List of County Certified Fertilizer Applicators and Landscapers. 

Industry Retailers:

June 2011 Summer-Safe Products for Pinellas County 

Ordinance Compliant Products 

Information for Retailers & Landscape Management Professionals

Please print one of these notices and post with your fertilizer items.

Flyers: 8.5" x 11", 5" x 7", 5.5" x 8.5" 

Fertilizer poster: 26 x 23 - 8.5 x 11 

Commercial Landscape Professionals:

BMPs for Landscaping Companies 

FAQs for Professional Landscapers 

Three steps to obtain fertilizer vehicle decal 

Affidavit for vehicle decal-fertilizer applicators 



Training Requirements 

Green Industry BMP: Do you apply fertilizers? You need the 8 hr. class by January 19, 2011. (state-certified)

Training on line  download manual 

Train in a classroom - sign up here 

Landscape Maintenance BMPs - Do you only mow, prune, edge, plant, or use a blower? You need the 2 hr. class by July 18, 2011. (county-certified)

Train in a classroom - sign up here 

In House Training Program - Come to Class - Get a CD 

Study Guide for Landscape Maintenance Class - English 

Study Guide for Landscape Maintenance Class - Spanish 



 Pinellas County Ordinance Chapter 58
 Summary of Pinellas County Fertilizer Ordinance
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