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Placido Bayou is a gated community comprising 361.61 acres. There are a total of 10 ponds within the boundaries of Placido Bayou. There are 636 homes and  several preserve areas.  In these areas, there are various kinds of wildlife and wild birds of all kinds.

As it was developed, Placido Bayou grew into eleven separate neighborhoods, designated alphabetically, A through J, with C being split into two separate neighborhoods, CI and CII.  Neighborhoods CI, CII, and D are condominium associations, while the rest are homeowner associations, with all but Neighborhood H being single family homes.  All fall under the general umbrella of the Master Community Association. 

The day to day operation of Placido Bayou Master Association is the responsibility of the PBCA Board of Directors.  This Board is comprised of eleven volunteers, one from each neighborhood.  Each Board member represents the interests of every resident of Placido Bayou, regardless of his or her neighborhood. 

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